Sugar Creek Watershed Dam Rehabilitation


Anadarko, Oklahoma
Client: Southern Rock, Inc.
Owner: Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS)

The Sugar Creek Watershed Project is composed of 51 flood control dams in West Central Oklahoma. In 2007, Sugar Creek L-43 Dam received over 8.3 inches of rainfall in a six-hour period, causing damage to the auxiliary spillway. The dam has been reclassified as high-hazard due to a house and a road downstream that would be inundated if the dam should fail. The required rehabilitation included raising the dam’s height by eight feet and replacing the existing spillway.

Fall Line performed the RCC mix design program for the 3,040 cubic yard RCC spillway project, utilizing various cement, fly ash and aggregate blends. During construction of the new RCC Dam, our staff mobilized to the site and built an on-site laboratory that was utilized for aggregates testing, curing, and testing of RCC. Fall Line also observed and verified the calibration of volumetric batching trucks used to produce the RCC. The project Owner was eager to see how volumetric batching trucks could make the use of RCC in construction projects quicker and more mobile. Technicians utilized nuclear density gauges for compaction control.