Levy Nuclear Power Plant – RCC Mix Design Program


Fall Line Mix Design Facility - Formerly in Tucson, Arizona
Client: RIZZO Associates (Formerly known as Paul C. Rizzo Associates, Inc.)
Owner: Progress Energy

This multi-phase mix design program was conducted with the intent of using RCC as a sub-foundation fill that would act as a bridge to counteract the poor bedrock existing at the Levy Nuclear Power Plant site in Florida. While still in the design phase, the intent is to excavate more than 60 feet of material from below the reactor pad and replace with RCC. Fall Line was heavily involved in the selection of the constituent material based upon stringent requirements set forth by the Owner. After a rigorous material selection process, the required materials were shipped to our Laboratory, formerly located in Tucson, Arizona.

Fall Line conducted a multi-point mix design program to evaluate and select the mix with the desired properties. After selection of a mix, 7 x 7 x 2 panels were constructed within the laboratory with construction equipment similar to what would be used in construction. After a curing period, the panels were cut into blocks to be tested in direct tension and direct shear. Our staff also conducted thermal properties testing on the selected mix. The testing included adiabatic temperature rise, coefficient of thermal expansion, specific heat, and thermal diffusion.